Gif made using video compositing and color streaking in MaxMSP. Lucas White. April 2018.

The Flame's Truth

Still and Moving Images Fall 2017. Joris Kwong, Ari Bennett & Lucas White. December 2017.

In The Flame's Truth, the protagonist (played by myself) takes extreme measures to destory a past that has come back to bite him.

This film was part of the 'Genre Study' final project for Still & Moving Images. Ari, Joris, and I chose to focus on the film styles and tropes of Western' and Noirs and bring them out of their time period and location and into the city in the current decade. Our attempt at recreating the Noir style was in the lighting and story itself, while, the Western style was reflected in the duel, the extreme close-ups on the eyes, and the big, bold, font choice. The film was also scored by myself and the other actor in the film (Sage Beasley).

"Cadet" Physical Application

Visual Foundation Studio Physical Application Screen Print. December 2017.

"Cadet" Web Design

Visual Foundation Studio Interface Design. December 2017.

"Cadet" Logo Design

Visual Foundation Studio Logo Design. October 2017.

Concept Thumbnails (Analog & Digital)

Second Draft


Sound Visualizaion

Creative Coding Final Project. December 2016.
Play Here! (Keys A-K and O & P)

Little Audrey's Nightmare

Revamp of old film's audio. December 2016.

Soft Circle Pattern

Processing Program. September 2016.
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