Hi, I'm Lucas White!

Digital Media Man.

GitHub || Cymbal || Tumblr
lw1944@nyu.edu || (631) 514-9419

This is me:

This is what I know:

  1. Music Composition.
  2. Music/Sound Production (Logic, Ableton, FL, REAPER).
  3. Generative Art.
  4. JavaScript (P5.js).
  5. Java (Processing).
  6. HTML.
  7. CSS.
  8. Growing Beards (Poorly).
  9. Interpersonal Skills.
  10. How to Doodle.

This is my work:

"Sound Visualizaion" Creative Coding Final Project. December 2016.

Play Here! (Keys A-K and O & P)

"Little Audrey's Nightmare" Revamp of old film's audio. December 2016.

"Hip Hop Ringtone" Audio File. November 2016.

"Art Deco Pattern" Processing Program. September 2016.

"Soft Circle Pattern" Processing Program. September 2016.

Make your own!

"HeartBursts" P5 Program. January 2017.

Make your own! (Pink)
Make your own! (Black)

Thanks For Stopping By!